6 Pack GF & V Filled Donuts
6 Pack GF & V Filled Donuts
6 Pack GF & V Filled Donuts

6 Pack GF & V Filled Donuts

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After experimenting in the kitchen, we have successfully made delicious donuts that are both gluten free (GF) AND vegan (V)! These treats have a spongy texture inside and then a crunchy exterior, such a delicious combination.

We have both GF only flavours and GF and vegan flavours. We understand that some of our GF friends would still love to eat dairy so we have made a range of options to cater for all.  

- Raspberry and Cream GF only (raspberry jam, fresh cream)

- Salted Caramel and Cream GF only (salted caramel sauce, fresh cream)

- Boston Cream GF only (custard, chocolate ganache)

- Fairy Bread GF only (brown butter glaze, cookie crumb, sprinkles)

- S'mores GF only (marshmallow fluff, chocolate ganache, graham crackers)


- Cinnamon Sugar (GF&V)

- Raspberry Coconut (GF&V) (raspberry jam, coconut custard)

- Vanilla Glaze (GF&V) 

- Coconut Caramel (GF&V) (coconut custard and vegan caramel)

- Lemon Orange Poppyseed Glaze (GF&V) 

- Vegan Fairy Bread (GF&V) (vanilla glaze, sprinkle crumb)