GF & Vegan Mini Donuts Mixed Flavours

GF & Vegan Mini Donuts Mixed Flavours

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Available only Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

How cute are these gluten free and vegan mini donuts? Perfect as a gift or catering! We have made these for people for a range of reasons - weddings, baby showers, work function catering, Christmas parties, engagement parties, mothers days, valentines and birthdays. Choose between a 6 pack, 9 pack, 12 pack, 15 pack or 18 pack. 

Choose up to 3 flavours: 

- Boston Cream (GF only)

- Raspberry and Cream (GF only)

- Salted Caramel and Cream (GF only)

- Chocolate Dipped with Freeze-dried Raspberries (GF&V)

- Raspberry and coconut custard (GF&V)

- Raspberry Jam (GF&V)

- Cinnamon Sugar (GF&V)

- Vanilla Glaze (GF&V)

If you are wanting larger orders, please contact us through email, phone or facebook.