Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you deliver to? At the moment we are not delivering but following us on facebook and instagram for updates as we sometimes add delivery slots in for public holidays, such as Easter! 

How far in advance can I order? We need at least 3 days notice for all orders. The website will show the next available pick up date as 3 days from today. Or give us a call to discuss your needs.

I would like to do a large corporate / custom order! Can I do that? Yes! Get in touch at

I need to make changes or cancel my order... Get in touch at ASAP and we'll try our best to help out.

Do you offer catering? Yes! Make your next work or social event the best ever with our catering. Get in touch at

What does NAG (no added gluten) mean? As our kitchen is not Coeliac approved, we can't legally label our food as Gluten Free. We have therefore changed our labelling to no added gluten. This means there are no gluten in the ingredients we use and we take all the precautions. 

What are all your precautions for your NAG products? We take all the pre-cautions to make sure there is no cross contamination in our allergy friendly products which includes no added gluten and vegan. We use clean and separate cooking equipment and utensils. We have a separate deep fryer for our allergy friendly donuts. All our staff are trained and we have a commercial dishwasher to sanitise our utensils and equipment. It is important to note that we do handle gluten containing products in the same kitchen. 

If you have something specific in mind that is not advertised, please feel free to contact us to discuss all your baking needs.