4 Pack GF & V Filled Donuts
4 Pack GF & V Filled Donuts
4 Pack GF & V Filled Donuts
4 Pack GF & V Filled Donuts

4 Pack GF & V Filled Donuts

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After experimenting in the kitchen, we have successfully made delicious donuts that are both gluten free (GF) AND vegan (V)! These treats have a spongy texture inside and then a crunchy exterior, such a delicious combination.

We have both GF only flavours and GF and vegan flavours. We understand that some of our GF friends would still love to eat dairy so we have made a range of options to cater for all. 

Allergen warning: we take all the pre-cautions to make sure there is no cross contamination in our GF and vegan products. We use clean and separate cooking equipment and utensils. Our deep fryer is cleaned and oil is changed before frying the GF and vegan donuts. However we do handle gluten containing products in the kitchen.

These donuts do contain SOY and COCONUT. For a soy free option, please contact us.

Choose any flavour you like, no limits on flavours. Please record on the flavours box below for which flavours you would like, please clarify if you want GF only or GF AND vegan as some flavours we have both options available. 

- Raspberry and Cream (GF)

- Salted Caramel and Cream (GF)

- Boston Cream (GF)

- Nutella (GF)

 - S'mores (GF NEW)

- Balsamic Plum and Custard (GF NEW)


- Cinnamon Sugar (GF&V)

- Raspberry Jam (GF&V)

- Raspberry Coconut (GF&V)

- Glaze (GF&V)

- Balsamic Plum and Coconut Custard (GF&V NEW)